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Natural Cavity Reversal Through Arrested Decay (No Drill)

Not all cavities need fillings. Recent studies have shown that it may be possible to reverse the growth of cavity if caught early and while it is small. Through an array of specialty products designed to promote the rebuilding of calcium, some cavities can be naturally "filled in" without the need for a traditional filling. The cause of decay is an imbalance of acid levels, which in turn can cause an imbalance of the so-called "good and bad bacteria" in the mouth. Using simple and personalized procedures to restore this balance and encourage the growth of "good bacteria," your natural calcium can again refill the part of the tooth lost to decay. Dentist call this arrested decay.

Step 1    Dr. Hand will determine if the decay is still small enough to be treated with the no-drill, arrested decay method.

Step 2    Use a variety of specialty mouthwashes, toothpastes, and chewing gums as recommended by Dr. Hand for your individual case.

Step 3    At your next scheduled check-up, Dr. Hand will assess if and how much you have reversed the decay.

Step 4    Prevent future decay by flossing, brushing, and regular checkups. Since the same products used to repair your teeth can also be used to prevent future cavities from forming, Dr. Hand may recommend continued use of these products periodically depending on your case.

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